An end-to-end suite built for your banking needs

Offer local and international banking services like virtual wallets, bill payments, card services, float as a service, KYC and onboarding all in one go.

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Connected to the central switch

Send and receive money to any registered commercial bank in Nigeria, in seconds. We offer a complete stack of features that allow you move money without problems.

Get started in less time

Let's take the burden of compliance off you. Plug into our libraries and start offering distributed financial services to your customers in minutes backed by our licenses and certifications.

Optimize your revenues

Have more control over how much you price your services. Our rates are affordable compared to building from scratch or using other alternatives in the market.

Scale globally

With our strong partnerships across Africa, the USA, and the UK, we make it possible for you to scale into international markets as seamlessly as possible.

Certified to the highest security standards


One dashboard to manage it all

Integrate and monitor your performance across all our APIs on our simple, beautiful admin dashboard.

  • Easily contact customer support
  • Add new APIs to your system in minutes
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Manage and transfer funds securely

Certified by the ISO 27001, our system adheres to the topmost global security standards, and all funds are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation—NDIC.

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Flexible integrations made for you

Select from our fully customizable sets of API solutions. You can build your application by combining our APIs with other third-party APIs or using ours end-to-end, without breaking a sweat.

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Our Products



Pay electricity bills to any electricity distribution company, buy airtime, subscribe to your DSTV with our proprietary Utility API.

  • 24/7 uptime
  • No middleman. Our prices are the lowest in the market.
  • Dedicated technial support
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Companies we work with

ace remittance

100% licensed and compliant


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